World Of Warcraft: 20 Popular Mounts In The Game Ranked

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There is a wide selection of mounts to choose from which can be earned through questing, reputation building, and raids. Which mount is your favorite?

Mounts are an integral part of World of Warcraft's collecting strategy. Players can obtain them through questing, reputation-building, dungeons, and raids as well as through specific promotions. Many players strive to claim they possess some of the rarest mounts available.

Some of the game's older content can be played alone, allowing players to revisit and try to acquire mounts from previous expansions like Burning Crusade or Wrath of the Lich King. Mount farming provides a range of activities for players who are waiting for the next content release or expansion or just want a break from raiding or grinding.

On December 19th, 2022 Kristy Ambrose updated World of Warcraft (WoW) with some exciting changes to both Classic and Retail versions. While Wrath of the Lich King is currently available on the classic version of WoW, Dragonflight for retail has been met with an enthusiastic reception by gamers and critics alike. These older games also contain some rarest mounts in WoW history that may or may not be available anymore but can sometimes be found on eBay at game show prices. With each expansion available, there will always be more mounts to hunt down, purchase, and show off!

20. The Sea Turtle

For those who haven't had the chance to fish in Northrend, this mount is a rarity. But for players who are part of the most important second job in Northrend, it's one of the easiest to obtain. This rare mount can only be obtained from fishing stations located there and as an unplanned drop - meaning you must go into the wild and cast your hook!

There are some guidelines you should follow when searching for this mount. It only appears in fish schools and not open water, with all players having an equal chance of seeing it either fresh or salt water. No matter who you ride with, expect a slow ride regardless of ability level; however, keep in mind that salt water makes for especially fast movement.

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19. Gorestrider Gronnling

This achievement is exclusive to Horde players who can complete one of the longest and most difficult achievements in the game - Gorestrider Gronnling. Players who have earned this achievement have achieved it. Each requirement for "Glory of Draenor Raider" has an associated quest linked either or both to Blackrock Foundry or Highmaul raids.

World of Warcraft: Earn Wrath of the Lich King with These Difficult Achievements!

There are 17 achievements available in World of Warcraft that require you to defeat The boss Kargath Bladefish without damaging any nearby fire pillars. It's one of the rarest mounts available within the game - an achievement worth striving for!

18. Sinrunner Blanchy

Although stats aren't currently available to Shadowlands Mounts, Sinrunner Blanchy requires extensive item gathering and several days of steady work to obtain. As such, it has become one of the most sought-after mounts available from the latest update.

To free this horse of its curse, players must gather eight oats in a handful, one grooming brush, four sturdy horseshoes, a bucket of clean water, a comfy saddle blanket and three Dreadhollow apples. They then give these items to their horse gradually over six days in order to become friends with the deceased creature so she may help Blanchy ride again.

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17. Prestigious Midnight Courser

The uniqueness of this mount can be attributed to changes made in-game to the Honor system. To unlock it, players need 250 Honor and some have been reduced in rank so many did not want to grind for a second chance at unlocking this rare mount.

Players with an affinity for PvP should keep an eye out for this majestic animal, as it offers a thrilling ride and is one of the rarest horses available.

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16. Swift Shorestrider

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Swift Shorestrider was previously only available to players with The Wasteland Tallstrider card from the Throne of Tides expansion, making it one of its current rarities. A special mount card was released at Blizzcon 2019, though prices on eBay often exceed $400 for an unscratched card indicating its rarity may remain unbroken.

15. White Riding Camel

This rare mount can only be obtained through a special card from Hearthstone, an online trading card game. Based on the same lore and characters as World of Warcraft, there's much crossover between the two games.

In 2012, the White Riding Camel became available and can still be acquired online or from other gamers in-game. While it's one of the more desirable camel mounts available in the game, obtaining it can prove quite challenging.

14. Swift Zulian Tiger

An iconic guild breaker from when World of Warcraft was still young, this stunning mount can only be obtained as part of the twenty-man raid Zul'Gurub or The High Priest Thekal occasionally. Not least due to its stunning appearance and rarity, this mount is highly sought-after among World of Warcraft enthusiasts.

Swift Zulian Tiger: it's more than just a name! Swift Zulian Tiger is an extra fast mount that stands alone as the only tiger-themed mount available to Horde players in this game, as well as being one of two big cat mounts available for Horde players in Classic World of Warcraft. These rare versions can be found in limited numbers but not uncommon; you can tell who has been playing Zandalari Rep by looking at who has worn their third-tier armor sets.

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13. X-51 Nether Rocket

World of Warcraft boasts an item that remains out of reach for many players. You can find an X-51 Nether Rocket mount within the Servants of Betrayer expansion, yet only 1% of all players own it today - making it one of the rarest mounted items within WoW.

A second mount, appropriately dubbed the X-51 Nether-Rocket XTREME, was offered on this card and remains rare even today at 3 percent of players' bases. So we have two unique mounts - one less extreme and one more common? What an odd time!

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12. Tyrael's Charger

This limited-time offer of Tyrael's Charger dates back long before Diablo 3 and Mists of Pandaria Expansion were released in 2012. A decade ago, gamers could get it when they purchased the World of Warcraft Annual Pass for one year's worth of gaming time as well as various bonuses.

Additional bonuses included a complimentary copy of Diablo 3, as well as access to the Beta testing version of MoP Tyrael's Charger, an extremely rare mount sought after by priests and Paladins alike. Unfortunately, when Blizzard announced that the Annual Pass would no longer be offered, so did this mount; however, it returned to Taiwan Battle Shop in 2017 when Blizzard made the same offer there.

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11. Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent

Cloud Serpent mounts are among the most stunning you can find, and this Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent stands as a prime example. Its black-and-white light makes it stand out in any light condition while floating around. Unfortunately, getting this mount is quite challenging since players must hunt in Sha of Anger which is only available once a week for purchase.

To achieve this goal, make multiple characters fight each other for the Sha of Anger each week. It's essential to note that this mount has an extremely low drop probability - which explains why it is one of the rarest available in the game.

10. Thundering Cobalt Cloud Serpent

Grab the most potent weapons you have as it's time for some raiding! The stunning Cobalt Cloud Serpent mount drops only after defeating Nalak, with drop rates of 0.6 percent for this unique mount in World of Warcraft. mount

Even with Mogu Rune Fate, players' chances of success don't necessarily improve much. To gain access to The Order of the Cloud Serpent's power to sail on a cruise, players must first become close friends. Once these conditions have been fulfilled, then anyone can enjoy an effortless voyage.

9. Silent Glider

With a drop rate of just.58 percent, it's no shock that this ride remains one of World of Warcraft's rarest rides. Who wouldn't want to ride on an angry manta ray from a fantasy game? Plus, it looks beautiful while flying through the air!

Players must brave the mysterious Soundless in order to acquire this mount. As they only drop loot every day, it proves a difficult test of endurance; however, once acquired, it will be an incredibly rewarding job as they get to show their impressive ride off to the world!

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8. Son Of Galleon

Do you possess at least 20,000 gold to purchase the saddle required to use this mount? Can you stay up late enough to watch the Black Market bidding begin? And are you brave enough to bid off on Galleon? Those who answered yes to any of these questions will be granted the chance to experience the thrill of owning this exclusive mount exclusively for them.

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7. Solar Spirehawk

Solar Spirehawk is an enchanting bird, yet highly rare in games. Players estimate it has a chance of dropping as loot of Rukhmar at Rukhmar's Spires of Arak - perhaps this explains why so few people see this magnificent bird.

If players can defeat Rukhmar repeatedly, they will be mesmerized by its fiery bird as it soars across World of Warcraft.

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6. The Polar Bear

Two mounts of Polar bears exist in the game; one is available and the other can only be acquired from specific online shops. Players who wish to obtain a Polar Bear mount may now do so through random drops from Hyldnir Spoils, rewards for completing daily quests at Brunhildar Village. Unlocking each daily quest requires clearing through Sons of Hodir quest chain which requires some effort just to reach it.

One polar bear mount was given to players who purchased an ongoing membership for World of Warcraft in 2008 when the Wrath of the Lich King expansion became available. Some players kept their prize and did not redeem it; today these mounts can be obtained for substantial cash value through real-world transactions.

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5. Death charger's Reins

This mount is one of the rarest in World of Warcraft, with dropping rates of less than 1%. As such, it has become a sought-after item among collectors of mounts. Unlike other rare mounts which are only available through raids or as top-tier PVP rewards, this mount drops from Baron Rivendere during Stratholme's final battle - an extremely rare drop for any collector!

Alliance players have access to The Swift Zulian Tiger, an undead mount that serves as their mirror-universe counterpart. It was once one of World of Warcraft's rarest mounted animals and still holds one title today.

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4. Ashes of Al'ar

Kael'thas Sinstrider, the final boss in The Eye, drops an exquisite phoenix as his beloved pet. Unfortunately, its drop rate is slightly higher than Deathcharger - close to 1% - making it one of World of Warcraft's rarest creatures.

More than just a stunning and rare mount, Ahab Wheathoof serves as an enduring tribute to Ezra Chatterton - a World of Warcraft player who worked closely with Blizzard developers on creating the Tauren NPC Ahab Wheathoof.

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3. Obsidian Worldbreaker

In 2019, World of Warcraft celebrated its 15th anniversary and unveiled the game's first achievement, "Memories of Fel, Frost, And Fire". To unlock it, players needed to complete several bosses inspired by Chromie's Memories from earlier expansions.

No task is easy, but it's achievable. Each challenge consists of three separate 25-man battles with a character from the lore at their conclusion. After the 15th anniversary celebration, an achievement was canceled, and its mount too; however, you can still purchase this mount on the in-game Black Market at high prices.

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2. Vicious War Croaker

This mount comes with some restrictions, making it one of the rare mounts in World of Warcraft. It's only available to players who have purchased Dragonflight expansion and requires Horde characters to earn it through Arena or Battleground fights. Remember, at the retail price point this requirement must also be fulfilled for all other characters on your account; once one character gains access to it all other characters will also gain access to it!

Deathguard Netharian has several mounts in his inventory, but Vicious War Croaker is his most sought-after mount and the only one with an anthem he seems to own. This ground mount can move as fast as its rider's riding skills allow.

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1. Black Qiraji Resonating Crystal

With the reconstruction of the Scepter of Silithus and the opening up of Ahn'iraj's gates, the legendary mount No Man's Land has now become unavailable. Only during the Scepter of Shifting Sands event can one obtain this rare crystal. Once released, the gates to Ahn'iraj will never again be unlocked.

Other variations of this mount come in green, blue, and even the more obscure red; however, players can only access them within Ahn'Qiraj. With such a vast area covering an ancient city as well as an abandoned temple, having access to mounted transportation is invaluable.

Mounts are a crucial part of World of Warcraft's collectible strategy. The players can acquire them by completing quests, and reputation-building.

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